Friday, May 01, 2009

What Sounds Cool: May 2009

Sometimes these lists are full of information, sometimes they're just lists. This one's "just" a list.

A More Perfect Union (5/5 - 6/7) Epic Theater Ensemble's production of A Hard Heart.
The Colonists (5/7 - 5/23) It's a double-bill of Nick "Jollyship" Jones's latest.
Coraline (5/8 - 6/20) Leigh Silverman directs Stephen Merritt and David Greenspan's musical adaptation.
American Hwangap (5/9 - 6/7) The Play Company joins Ma-Yi at the hip Wild Project.
Le Serpent Rouge (5/15 - 6/6) Company XIV's last show, The Judgment of Paris.
Marathon 2009 (5/22 - 6/27) Every year, EST puts out surprising new one-acts.
Night Sky (5/30 - 6/20) Director Daniella Topol at the nice Baruch College space.

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