Saturday, May 09, 2009

metaDRAMA/Contest: Not Enough Winners

The How Soon Is Now? "free ticket" contest is now officially over, and while I happily have a winner (posted below), I only have one. I created this "incentive" to demonstrate the length I was willing to go for a show that I believed in, and because I wanted to see if that extra push (the gimmick, so to speak) would turn casual readers into active theatergoers. If you all went out and saw a different play instead, that's fine--but if you read the review, thought the show sounded interesting, had free time, and still decided it was too much of a schlep to go out . . . my question to you is what would it take to get you out to see a show? It's a genuine question, just like this was a genuine contest, and I'll use your responses to figure out how to do a revised version of the contest next month.

In the meantime, congratulations to Daniel John Kelley, our first official winner. My thanks (and a $20 check) to him--I'm glad he had a good time, and I hope he'll use that money to check out the next projects for Irondale and/or bluemouth inc. (or, really, any theater).

Again, I'm eager to dialogue with you all, so if you've got ideas for future iterations of this contest, want to talk about any of the shows I've reviewed, or simply want to recommend something to me, please, don't hesitate to contact me. Any critic, no matter how big their name becomes, is still just a member of a much larger audience.


August Schulenburg said...

It's a great idea and a generous offer - hopefully I'll be able to take advantage of it next time round.

Aaron Riccio said...

Well, at least in your case, it's not like you're actually busy putting up a show right now or anything ;)