Tuesday, May 05, 2009

metaDRAMA/Contest: Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

I didn't set out to become a "critic." Especially not "critic" in that tone of voice, complete with the rolling of the eyes. I wanted to write about theater because I loved seeing it, and I wanted to share that love and that passion with as many like-minded people--theatergoers--as possible. And yet, for a month or so, I fell into a funk, having burned out so much that even shows I liked--like Pretty Theft, Artifacts of Consequence, Beowulf, and Jailbait weren't enough to save me. I attended Ken Davenport's "Theater Blogger Social," saw The Toxic Avenger musical, and wondered if that was the future of theater that I had to look forward to.

So thank goodness for bluemouth inc.'s How Soon Is Now?, currently playing at Brooklyn's very nifty Irondale Center. Granted, I already think site-specific work is the future of theater, a more engaging and active effort to break younger audiences out of their "this couldn't possibly interest me" stupor, but it's great to see such an original and complete vision from this company. And as I thought about that (and started scheduling shows for mid-May to early June), I realized how lucky I was to be invited to these things at all--forget about the comps, even: just to have press releases full of enticing information sent to me, things that would help me--someone who wants to go to theater--find shows worth going to.

Which leads me to my first ever contest (which I hope to make a monthly thing). I take chances on shows all the time--because they're often free for me. Maybe that's what's holding some of you back. So I'm going to put my money where my mouth is, and do the following:

  • Go see How Soon Is Now? in its final week (this Wednesday through Saturday); you can read my review here, or just go into it blind.
  • Write your full name on the program, then take a picture of yourself WITH that program, preferably at the theater. (You must be OK with me posting this picture here, on my site, so please, nobody from witness protection.)
  • The title of the show on the program must be legible.
  • Send that photo to me, here at illogicaljoker [at] gmail dot com.
I will reimburse the cost of a ticket ($20) for the first person to send me this photo, the eighth (or last) person to send me this photo, and to one person drawn at random. (I'll do this by check or PayPal. Note that each photo can only win once.) Please be honest about entering the contest, as the money is coming out of my pocket, and because the goal is honest: I want people to see shows. Along this line, if anybody wants to talk about the show, feel free to add comments to my official review, and if the winners of this contest want to write up their own take on the show, I'm happy to post 100 words or so with their photo.

The idea is, everybody's a winner with this contest. Go see some theater! It may be on me!

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BB said...

Cool and generous idea. Makes me think why don't more shows have "guarantees"? Would more people go to the theater if they had a guarantee that they would like it? Risky, but could work. Gotta have George Michael sized 'faith' in your product, though!

Ken Davenport