Monday, September 13, 2010

RELEASE: Way To Heaven

A remounted production of Way to Heaven, which I covered in May 2009, is being done at the Repertorio Espanol, starting September 28. I was struck by how different this was from the "regular" Holocaust play, mainly because it dealt with one of the more theatrical bits of German propaganda: the establishment of a concentration camp (Theresienstadt) filled with Jewish actors, which could be used to show the "humane" treatment of these prisons. Most of the original cast, if not all, still seems to be with the show, so read my review here, and check out additional information here.

[NB: I recommend against the dual-language option, based on previous experience. It's a neat and unique service, but I find that it pulls me out of the world of the show--I'd almost prefer supertitles.]

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