Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RELEASE: Vampire Cowboy Theatre Company's Saturday Saloon Series

Ever been to a theater party? No, I don't mean a cast party, I mean one of those fund-raising shindigs where you shell out a hundred bucks to see some sort of star-studded performance. Well, that may be how the institutions do it, but I'd much rather throw down with these guys and their free admission, five dollar all-you-can-drink beer, and their own admirably star-studded list of playwrights and scrappy serials. I mean, shit, really? And from what I saw of Crystal Skillman's Hack! earlier this year, their stuff is wild, fun, and really loose with genres and self-referencing humor. Skillman's joined by Mac Rogers, James Comtois, Adam Scott Mazur, Temar Underwood, and Brent Cox, and I can't imagine this being anything less than crazy good. And free. With optional beer goggling. Find out all about it by clicking right here.

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