Friday, December 18, 2009

Update: Regular Posting Resumes

I hadn't posted anything to mention that I was taking a break, but lest there be any concern, I am officially back now, and ready to catch up, not just on the new shows out there, but on some of the ones I've taken in and not written about yet. Everything's fine, and I should be back to posting reviews once a day, Monday through Friday, with the occasional observations thrown in, at the start of the new year. (The Under the Radar and COIL festivals, as usual, make a good kick-off, and there are plenty of new shows by returning artists that I can't wait to crack into: stuff by Dreamscape, Lisa D'Amour/Katie Pearl, Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Company XIV, Clay McLeod Chapman, and a lot more.)

Happy Decembertivities, all. Look for me on New Year's Eve, and a local theater near you!

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