Monday, December 21, 2009

metaDRAMA: Free Tickets

New York Theater Workshop has those neat $20 Sunday tickets, and Soho Rep blows them away with their $0.99 version, but nobody can beat the hard-working Women's Project when it comes to initiatives: they're giving away 500 tickets to their new show, Smudge. Though they got snubbed by the NEA this year, they've been putting on exceptional shows, so I can't recommend enough that you go. And if you go because of a free ticket I encourage you to make a donation if--when--you enjoy the show.

Click here. I encourage you to sign-up for 1/4, as that'll get you started on fulfilling my new "What To See" daily planner for January 2010.

As for those of you who read this and did not try to get free tickets, leave me a comment. I'm curious as to why anyone wouldn't inundate the Women's Project servers with requests.

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