Friday, May 23, 2008

metaDRAMA: You're Running Out of Excuses to Not See Passing Strange

In case the $26.50 rush ticket offer I spoke about back in March didn't convince you, the recent OBIE awards didn't thrill you, and the "best-reviewed" buzz didn't intrigue you, here's another nail in your excuse's coffin: there's a free listening party going down at Saju Bistro (120 West 44th Street) on 5/27. It's at 9:30, right after the show--in fact, it's right across the street. They're celebrating the iTunes "Digital Exclusive Release" (not the first musical act to release their music online before the retail version hits stores, but certainly the first Broadway show to do so) by uncorking that rock champagne of theirs, and if you didn't download tracks off the site back when they were up--this is your last chance to bust the cherry on your virgin ears...for free, that is.

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Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Aaron, I'm so glad you're continuing to tout this show. I'm also thrilled that it's finally gaining some modicum of box office lift from its well-deserved Tony nods. 67% capacity is certainly better than hovering below the 50-50 mark.

Now if only all those self-professed musical lovers would get out and see it....