Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 Update

Welcome back to another 'kül year. Last year, for fun, I covered over two hundred odd bits of entertainment. Some were freelance assignments. Some were for personal portfolio development. Any way you slice it, it was a good year. This year, there will be more posts than ever. There have to be. I'm competing against Patrick Lee and David Bell in a race to see the most theater in '07 over at the Show Showdown. I'll also be editing for Theater Talk's New Theater Corps, and I hope to once again cover the TriBeCa Film Festival for Film Monthly later on in April.

I'm also in the process of transitioning the blog from the old form of Blogger to the new Blogger-out-of-beta platform, which requires the use of new code, new tags, and a lot of other confusing technical stuff. If you're looking for my observations from '06, the whole thing is archived here: 'kül '06. Those of you looking for a less direct route or more aesthetically positioned one can find the link in the upper-right of the blog, under 2006 Archive.

Without further preamble, welcome to my mania. I hope you'll indulge and enjoy my observations on the kitsch of today and the ephemera of tomorrow.


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