Saturday, July 23, 2011

metaDRAMA: Long Absence, Eh?

I am still here, if you were wondering. After a crushing year of semi-employment, the new job I've started has left me with less time to get to the theater (and even less to write about it), and because I respect the shows I'm seeing too much to half-ass my reviews of them, I've stepped back momentarily to regroup.

But just because I've been missing the Comic Book and Video Game festivals at The Brick, or the return of the PTP/NYC project at Atlantic Stage 2, the work currently being done at the cell, or any number of the other terrific things that have passed by, doesn't mean that you have to, so while I hope to start getting fresh reviews out by the start of the Fringe festival, that smorgasbord of entertainment (which includes some returning hits, like Nosedive's "Infectious Opportunity"), I'm going to start posting some previews/recommendations, too, based on the releases I get.

Also, in the interests of getting back on a regular posting schedule, I'm going to be taking all that non-theater-y "short-a-day" work that I've been doing and porting it over to a WordPress site (, which will also give me the opportunity to figure out the best blogging format to continue reporting through. If you've got any other suggestions, feel free to send them my way.

Oh, and television reviews for Rescue Me and Torchwood are up, if you're interested.