Thursday, April 12, 2012

GIVEAWAY: "Seminar"

The lovely people over at Seminar have offered me a chance to share my experiences at the show with all of you, or, to be more specific, two winners of the following contest. Now I haven't yet seen Jeff Goldblum, Justin Long, or Zoe-Lister Jones, but with Hetienne Park and Jerry O'Connell still with the production, it's probably still worth sitting in on this "master class," and in honor of the subject matter -- creative writing -- here's what you need to do to win:

  • Write, in 500 words or less, non-fiction or fiction, about an unusual class that you've taken. This can be about a crazy professor, this can be about an odd lot of students, this can be about a strange subject, or any slightly related tangent.
  • E-mail your entry to illogicaljoker at gmail dot com. 
  • One winner will be the most creative winner, as judged by me. A second winner will be randomly chosen from all entries* (*but note that you must still submit some sort of story, no matter how bad, in order to be eligible). 
  • Your deadline is 4/19; the winning story will be posted here, and each of the two winners will receive (1) voucher that can be redeemed for (2) tickets to a performance between now and 5/27 (subject to availability). 
So get those pencils sharpened and then use them to poke at the recesses of your brain stuff!

Incidentally, if you'd rather just buy tickets, here's a discount code: 

Monday through Thursday Evening, Wednesday Matinee and Sunday Matinee
$84.50 ORCH/FRONT MEZZ (Reg. $116.50-$121.50) 
$69 REAR MEZZ (A-F) (Reg. $76.50 -$81.50)
Friday Evening, Saturday Matinee & Evening
$89.50 ORCH/FRONT MEZZ (Reg. $126.50)
$69 REAR MEZZ (A-F)  (Reg. $81.50)

TO ORDER TICKETS:  VISIT (hyperlink: CALL 212.947.8844 and USE CODE SEFNF316
And if you're really jazzed about it, feel free to hit up their social networks and!/seminaronbway
Class dismissed!

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