Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Catching Up . . . Being Sick . . .

I've been sick for the last few days, which is making it hard to write as considerately as I'd like to be of the shows that I've seen. In Show Business Weekly, you can find my review of Kindness, and in Time Out New York, you can find my coverage of Crawl, Fade to White.

You must find a way to get tickets for Blasted. If you can't, PS122's Blind.Ness pays homage to Sarah Kane, in a twisted, messy, broken-doll of a tone poem (with heavy pop song sampling) that somehow manages to effectively convey how women are used--the intensity of the actors, most likely, because the multimedia screens are by and large for show. And if you're looking for something gentler, terraNOVA's Blue Before Morning does a very nice job of building characters. The problem is that for all the good humor and cramped nerves, none of that energy is ever unpacked by Kate McGovern--it just takes an quick, easy detour through melodrama to blackout. This is a terrible time to be sick: there are so many great shows out there, and it burns me up (even more than my fever) to think of how I'm missing them. At least I didn't miss The Pumpkin Pie Show for the tenth year in a row: go, damn you, go.

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