Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CD: Portastatic, "Who Loves the Sun"

Listening to Portastatic's second film soundtrack, Who Loves the Sun without having seen the film is like reading quantum physics without ever studying English. There's no context, no syntax, no rhyme or reason. There's just a light score from the cello, harp, flute, and [insert appropriately breezy instrument here]. "Seems Like a Long Time Ago" has deep strings, and nothing else; "Older Summers" sounds like it's been produced by a child tinkering at an electric keyboard. The music of "Maggie at the Dock" is fine, but it conjures up nothing. The songs that do evoke images are simply those of generic summer days, and the few interesting tracks, like "Fighting Music" and "Tremolo Chase" are either instrumental knock-offs of Belle and Sebastian or remixes of earlier songs on the band's own album. Honestly; we all love the sun, but who CARES about it?

[First posted to Silent Uproar, 2/16]

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